작성일 : 03-06-19 15:55
A letter sent to heaven...
 글쓴이 : Veronica
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Dear Leslie,
2 months have passed since you left us on that fateful day...
Your sudden departure has left my heart shattered into pieces, and
each day I find myself missing you more..

You were truly a beautiful person, inside and outside. Your delicate,refined looks, your face so full of character and love, and your eyes.. which shone so brightly, so purely..
And your heart.. which had too much love for everyone, which wanted to love and be loved in return..
You were genuinely a good person at heart.

Perhaps, Leslie, you were too beautiful to live in this cruel world.
For such a special, exquisite person, the world was unkind and harsh on you.. I think thats why God took you away so soon, to a place where you will not be hurt, where you will be able to rest in peace.. to a place full of love and happiness..

Thank you.. for all your wonderful works, in the screen and on the stage. I will continue to cherish your works, and admire your courage, your professionalism, and your creativity. I will always regard you as the most talented, yet the most unappreciated artist in the world. The world will forever mourn the loss of a true star of this time.
For Leslie, you are and will always be my number one star.. and the love of my life..

May you rest in peace..
Until we meet again in heaven...

I love you forever...
Veronica (6/19/2003-Korea)