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With promise of next life with you...
 글쓴이 : yuna Kim
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Dear Leslie, the immortal lover in my heart,

It has been almost 3 months since you left me.
Time flows, and runs away rapidly.
But I still cannot believe that you’re gone.

After you left me without saying ‘good bye’,
I cried, asked you why - day after day.
Why, why on earth did you have to leave me in a hurry...?
I was vexed at you, and was crying for you all day.
Feeling bitter against the world, I cried ’till I fall into a faint.
I couldn’t even control myself because I lost the rationality.
That was the first death, and the first pain I’ve got through.

I lost you in my life.
I lost it all.

And I don’t have any reason to be here. Tell me, Leslie!
What should I do? What can I do?
I’ll never think of it as the end.
Please don’t leave me. You know that it’ll hurt me for sure...

You were my first love.
Your kindness and constant smile have always held me beside you.
You are the one, my lover.
When I felt so sad, got tired, and was lonely,
I’ve always thought of you; even though we could never meet,
think of you and your voice always held me here,
never let me fall down...
Don’t go away, please... I don’t want you to go. Please...
Leslie, Please return to me... Come back... Don’t leave...

I swear I’ll never leave you.
Even if I can’t see you anymore,
you’ll be in my heart as my lover forever.
No one on the Earth would receive my love more than I gave to you.

Leslie... Is this the eternity you wanted?
Now you’re gone too far,
but you are still here beside me, closer than ever.
I can feel it; I know this is not the end of our relationship.

Cursing the fate that led me to you.
I was hurt, deep inside...
But now...? I’d rather choose the pain of death instead of losing you for all my life.

I wish I could be born a flower that you smiled at,
so that you could find a small piece of joy and love.
This ribbon tying us together will never be cut, or untied;
I believe in it.
I know you are my soul, the fate

Leslie... Please be comfortable, and have wonderful days there.
I’ll be there soon.
I’m sure that you’ll be the one rising in the air at the moment
I close my eyes.

With promise of next life with you,

June 21st, 2003

- 金有娜 (Yuna) - in Korea