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《Be loved》앨범 국내 수입/명보 美麗的回憶 환불 안내
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1. 《Be loved》앨범 국내 수입

유니버설에서 이번에 나온 《Be loved》가 국내에 수입되었습니다.
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2. 명보美麗的回憶환불과 관련하여

현재 홍콩을 비롯한 각 지역에서는 명보출판사에서 출간된 美麗的回憶영상집에 대한 환불절차가 이루어지고 있습니다.

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April 10, 2004

Dear friends,

The book published by Mingpao Publications Ltd. on April 1, "Leslie Cheung, Legend Forever" 『張國榮.美麗的回憶』(hereafter referred to as "the Book") contained mostly misleading and distorted information on Leslie. Please check for comments on this book at (click on 詳細資料, then click on 品評這本書 觀看) and you will see the issues. Currently there are more than 270 comments written by readers. This book not only defamed Leslie, disappointed us, but also betrayed Mingpao.

Many fans had called Mingpao to lodge their complaints and asked for return/refund. Ms. Hui of Mingpao Publications had agreed to the return/refund on April 7 and yet, when fans brought in their books on April 8, Mingpao denied the return and refused to take back the books.

Grace was kind enough to volunteer to go visiting Mingpao Publications yesterday afternoon and had a friendly meeting with seven executives at 5:45 pm on April 8. Attached please find the name cards of five of them who participated in the meeting. Herebelow were discussed:

Mr. Poon Yiu Ming (Chief Editor, General Manager) told Grace that, upon reading the comments from readers on the Mingpao web, he called upon the two writers of the book to see him, trying to find out what had gone wrong. The two "writers" brought along the hand scripts of a book** which was previously published in Mainland China after Leslie left us. They explained to Mr. Poon that they had already extracted the best parts of the scripts (i.e. there were words which were more defaming in the original scripts) for the Book. Unfortunately, Mr. Poon adopted the same story in an effort to convince Grace that there wasnt problem with the content of the book.

Yet, the Mingpao executives were patient enough to listen to the points raised by Grace proving most of the texts were untrue and defaming, and they were convinced that Mingpao was taken in by the two "writers".

Following are the remedies offered by Mingpao Publications:

1. The Book can be returned and be fully refunded.

For fans in Hong Kong - Please fill in the attached "Return/Refund Form" and bring it to Mingpao Pubilcations Ltd. along with the book/poster (if it came along with the book) and your receipt. Mingpao will then arrange refund accordingly.

For fans out of Hong Kong - Please mail the Book and poster to Leslie Legacy along with your receipt to : Room 318, 3/F., Shun Tak Centre, 200 Connaught Road, Central, Hong Kong, and we will send you the refund amount upon receipt from Mingpao Publications. Don’t forget to give your name, address, e-mail address to Grace for followup.

2. Mingpao Publications will not sell any further copy to any bookstore, any news-stand, nor any distribution channel as from April 9.

3. Mingpao Publications will publish a revised version of the Book (修訂本).

Dear friends, it is important that fans will unite together to show our gesture and attitude towards some distorted and defaming writings on Leslie when possible and while we can. We didnt do enough to protect Leslie from harmful writings when he was here which could attribute to his depression. Hope that we can do something to show the media that they will get their fair share if they are not fair to Leslie.

** The book is "絕愛封箱", which costs RMB25, was published in April 2003 in Beijing by 作家出版社. The writers were the same writers as the Book. We found that the texts of "Leslie Cheung, Legend Forever" are identical to "絕愛封箱".

Yours truly,
Leslie Legacy Association