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"스타의 거리(星光大道)" - Sea of flowers
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전세계 각지에서 哥哥를 위해 꽃을 보내준 모든 팬들에게 감사드립니다.

Leslie is the brightest star of all at the launching ceremony of the Avenue of Stars!

The “Sea of flowers” and the tremendous support from Leslie fans are again evidence of the so called Post-Leslie Cheung phenomenon in Hong Kong and all these demonstrated to the public, the media & even the government officials that Leslie is the most influential celebrity in the local entertainment & cultural fields. It was a touching evening and we would like to share this with you (especially all overseas fans who cannot come & witness this event).

Fans who have followed the latest development of the Avenue of Stars should be aware that the arrangement of flower placement is a very ad hoc and low-key consent by the Hong Kong Tourism Board, one of the organizers of this launching. The time allowed for fans to place flower orders is limited to 3 days. Despite this, we were amazed to find the positive responses. At 3:00pm today, a truck has arrived at the drop off point of New World Plaza to unload the first truck of flowers. Flowers could not be placed inside the Avenue of Star because of the unstable weather forecast. The organizer was afraid that the flowers bouquets would be blown away & caused a mess to the venue. Yet they didn’t foresee a lot of flowers dedicated to Leslie were flower baskets. An area at one side of the entrance venue (where celebrities will enter from here to the Avenue of Stars) was allocated to flowers for late celebrities’ fans. Leslie was nearly the only celebrity who received so many and the quantity & quality of flowers delivered were out of their expectation. At 4:30 pm, the allocated area was already full. Later on, the staff member of the organizer agreed to allocate another nearby area for the extra flower baskets and that was an even better area located near the drop off area. Westerners who passed by were curious of this Leslie Phenomenon and they took photos & inquired about Leslie. Approximately 500 flower bouquets & baskets were estimated for Leslie. Out of these, the 2 heart-shaped flower stands were the most striking ones. These flowers & the heartfelt messages demonstrated the overwhelming love, forever support towards our Super-star Leslie. On the other hand, the striking pictures & the flowers itself represented Leslie’s presence on the Avenue of Star. His pure heart, compassion, & extreme beauty can never be matched now & forever.

Not only did the “Sea of Flowers” attracted many attentions but the presence of fans also impressed many media, key members of the movie & tourism industry (including the HKFAA & the HKTB) and high-ranking government officials (as we believe). The “Leslie Forever” banner was the most prominent one inside the venue. The number of Leslie fans was the highest and our emotions were the most intense among all fans. Leslie’s “Sea of flowers” was one of the focuses of media. Fans hurrahed for our Gorgor in the presence of targeted key persons. The government officials should have witnessed this unique charisma of a late celebrity. In the local society which tends to be so “forward-looking”, history & heritage was neglected here, especially as Leslie’s way of leaving has caused controversies & criticisms. Unluckily, Mr Tung, the Chief Executive of HKSAR was not present in this event. Otherwise, what will he think when he witness all these?

The Cable TV was one of the TV channels that was interested in this “Leslie Phenomenon”. They interviewed Grace Lam, one of the present Leslie fans. One of the messages delivered through Grace was that Leslie has actually been a catalyst of overseas fans to visit HK. This has become more valid after his death in April last year. Many fans have visited & want to come to this small & crowded place just because of Leslie. In fact, fans even mentioned in their arrival form that the main purpose of their HK visits are to pay homage to Leslie. (Thank you, Kingka and Yim for inspiring this and Grace had delivered this statement to Cable TV) Our Gorgor Leslie is the real ambassador of Hong Kong and he is the pride of Hong Kong.

We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to all fans who have ordered flowers for Gorgor & also to those who have shown their presence this evening. Thank you for the trust of the 120 overseas fans who ordered through Leslie Legacy Association. We believe that we need to take care of every single penny spent by fans and we would feel sorry if we haven’t done a good job. Under the short notice & the limited resources, we have tried our very best to ensure the accuracy of the printed message & to choose appropriate photos to match with the messages. We have managed to work on this with 2 persons on Monday (April 26) till 6:00 am today and then supervised the flower shop to arrange the flowers correctly. Gorgor is a perfectionist and under his role model, we want to pay attention to every detail. Anyway, we learnt a lot from this event & next time, if Leslie still gives us a chance to work for him, we are sure we will improve.

We also notice that there were quite a lot of unfavourable happenings that hindered the smooth progress of this event. In view of all these misunderstandings & miscommunications within, we prefer to concentrate on our work for Gorgor. It is unavoidable that in a large & growing fans community, there are fans who come from different backgrounds with different ways of thinking & handling things. However, the ultimate principle is the respect towards the others & the pure intention to work for our Gorgor Leslie. Similar to the Leslie Phenomenon (i.e. It takes time for Gorgor’s legacy to be appreciated), revelations may take time.

Lastly, we are so grateful to our Angel Leslie. The whole incident of the Avenue of Star is a wonderful miracle and Angel Leslie is the performer of such miracle! Fans who knew what happened within will be more stirred by all these final outcomes! No matter how many obstacles there were, ultimately hints or assistance came at the appropriate timing. Dear Leslie, you are the only & the last legend in the local, Chinese and even oriental society.

Leslie will be the brightest star for years to come and the wind will blow on & on!